We are creative, we develop solutions dedicated to your idea.

UI Design, Progressive Web Applications, Systems Integration, RESTful APIs, Cloud Hosting & Maintenance

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What we have to offer you

Brain Space, Design & Technology. A company affiliated with Ahllia LLC. We have been in the market since 2019, offering a range of unique web services, 100% dedicated to our clients' scopes. Now we take care of everything from Idea Consolidation to Cloud Hosting and Monitoring.

Consolidation of the Idea (Project)

We help you understand what the possibilities are for your project. What can and cannot be implemented. How scalable it is and which decisions are premature.


If it is not architected it is not scalable. We architect the data structure, services and the relationship between services based on the project scope, making it more efficient and scalable.

User Interface

Your idea, your project and users with specific behaviors: It deserves a dedicated Design with user experience validations for an exceptional delivery.


We develop progressive web applications that fit the scope of your project. From simple corporate websites to the complete platform.


We architected our services implementing the REST specification allowing for efficient interoperability.

Web System Integration

If it's a matter of web service interoperability, we'll take care of it. Integration with payment systems, authentication, specific platforms and more.


We architect, build and maintain applications on cloud infrastructures. Making them scalable, fast, secure and highly available.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We are not limited to just architecting and developing your system. We monitor and maintain, complement your team making us the ideal technology partner.